Directors of the SHUMPUN FOUNDATION, served from 2006 to till date.

History of our Organisation

Shumpun Foundation works with children and adolescents with autism, learning disabilities and other developmental delays. Although newly incorporated in 2017, the foundation started journey in 2007 served more than 900 children and their families since the beginning.

Shumpun Foundation is dedicated to forging a strong partnership with families with children with special needs. Working within the context of India, where social safety-nets are scare,we families are the focal point to raising and supporting a child.

Shumpun foundation professionals work hand-in-hand with families to enhance the abilities of the children with the goal of fostering self-sufficiency and resilience. We envision an independent future for our children where they will become inclusive members of our society.

‘Language and Drama ’,‘ Life skills Training Programme ’,‘ Play and Movement ’,‘ Dance and Movement and ‘Assistive Technology’ forms the core comprehensive program to address the developmental needs of the children. In addition, children participate in Summer/Winter camps and Excursions to local museums and Historic sites. Workshops on varying topics are available for parents and caregivers, as well as different educational and advocacy opportunities for the community. Through Shumpun, the crew members bring together families from varied backgrounds and social groups to enhance and foster communication and interactions with all members of our diverse community.

So Shumpun’s voyage continues…