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In Shumpun Foundation, we are committed to the following philosophy of inclusion in the community as our guiding principle

Why we are unique?

Our model is based on the assumptions that we can “favourably influence the core developmental foundations for relating, thinking and communicating, even for children with severe problems, by working with their emotions, or affects.”

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With us, your kid will enjoy plenty of different activities that will develop them and act as a perfect ground for further development. Explore the bright future of your child at SHUMPUN FOUNDATION!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a world where disabilities are not an obstacle, but an opportunity.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of individuals with social, emotional and cognitive impairments through arts, education, research and community engagement.

Our Approach

To address the developmental progress of children with special needs, including but not limited to: social communication disorders (Autism, Pragmatic Language Disorder), or other learning disabilities; we focus on five major domains:
Social and Emotional
Language and Communication
Gross and Fine Motor Development
Independent Living Skills
Cognitive Development

Latest News

Marvellous Sunderbans

"Experience Natural Habitat" - Shumpun arranged this trip to teach SOCIALIZATION. So end of "Winter Carnival" we are arranging a "Trip to the Sunderbans". Our Kolkata Story walk mentor will accompany us. Two specialist will travel for assessing children with SOCIAL difficulties along with the parents. We also assess them to find out why some children are progressing some not. Our feed back session will be on 12th of Feb at 5:00 pm.

Development of Play Workshop

In January Shumpun arranged workshop for the parent, Hands on training with the child and learning how to enhance play from exploratory to symbolic. This was an open forum to find out the facts of the barriers parents faced during the time engaging their child with special need and making plans for the day. Mrs. Manjulika Majumdar and Mrs Reeni Sengupta moderated the sessions.

Annual Picnic 2018

Shumpun Foundation’s Annual Picnic was held on 30th of December 2018 at DB Park. Main objective of this event was not only having fun but also an opportunity for the parents to exchange their views and experiences about their own child’s development to another parent.

Tuni Khelo Pithe

Shumpun Foundation held 10 weeks workshop of “Language and Drama” for the children of age 6-14 from (23/12/2018) to (28/12/2018).There were 15 participants and 2 teachers. Children were all assisted by their parents. The introductory and closing workshops were conducted as Parent Training and Feedback Workshops.

Swami Vivekananda Ancestral Home and Police Museum

On Sunday 21st of April, the first event of Summer Camp’s community trip was arranged. 13 children from Shumpun foundation, six staff members and 11 young, engineer volunteers from "Cognizant Out Reach" went to visit Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral house and Calcutta Police Museum. Children learnt about the childhood of the great Indian saint Swami Vivekananda. They observed many precious musical instruments, clothes, books and other things used by Swamiji. It was a fantastic experience for the children, volunteers and the staff. Calcutta Police museum was the next stop. Children heard the story of the different martyrs like "Kanailal", "Barin Ghosh" "Aurobindo Ghosh" freedom fighters like "Bina Das", "Binoy Bose" and many others. They saw the arms and ammunition surrendered at the feet of Mahatma Gandhi after the truce was called by the two communities in Kolkata in 1947 riot. Children had a hearty lunch. The transportation was also provided by "Cognizant Out Reach". On behalf of all parents, children and staff we thank the corporation.

Matir Kache

This time the children learn to appreciate "Mati" or raw earth in a special program held in Kumartuli, the world's largest clay and pottery making hub. They would may be for the first time able to hold clay or mati on their own hands and feel it. Under the guidance of expert artists they let their imagination run riot and embark on moulding their mati.

Backyard Play

On 27th and 28th of May, Shumpun arranged a group based event Backyard Play. Based on the interactions in a group a questionnaire will be developed later to find out the facts of the barriers parents faced during the time of rearing their child with special need. Mrs Reeni Sengupta moderated the sessions.

27-28 May 2019
Steamer Ride

"Experience Language " Shumpun is beginning a language program on TRANSPORTATION. So end of "Monsoon Masti" we are arranging a "Steamer Ride". Based on the child's level we will start enhancing their narrative and story writing skills. Later these stories will be published on our newsletter. Children who are using pictures will be taught how to write a story with pictures.

  • P3 H.S. Scheme XII, Under Scheme VII(M)