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Why we are unique?

Our model is based on the assumptions that we can “favourably influence the core developmental foundations for relating, thinking and communicating, even for children with severe problems, by working with their emotions, or affects.”

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With us, your kid will enjoy plenty of different activities that will develop them and act as a perfect ground for further development. Explore the bright future of your child at SHUMPUN FOUNDATION!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a world where disabilities are not an obstacle, but an opportunity.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of individuals with social, emotional and cognitive impairments through arts, education, research and community engagement.

Our Approach

To address the developmental progress of children with special needs, including but not limited to: social communication disorders (Autism, Pragmatic Language Disorder), or other learning disabilities; we focus on five major domains:
Social and Emotional
Language and Communication
Gross and Fine Motor Development
Independent Li